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No booking required for animal interaction sessions- 

Join us for pony petting, goat walking, guinea pig grooming or rabbit rambling from 9am-12pm weekends, school holidays and bank holidays. 

Pony Petting

Come and spend half an hour with our beautiful miniature pony 'Pinks'. You will be provided with brushes to give her a lovely pampering and she will have a head collar and lead rope so you can take her for a walk down the lane. 

            Adult supervision compulsory 

No more than 2 children and 2 adults per session.  

£5 per child

Rabbit Rambling

Take our little Netherland Dwarf rabbits for a little ramble around the farm. 

Felix and Finn love walking around the farm, you can walk them on their harness and go find their favorite treats- Dandylions!

1 Rabbit per ticket. Adult supervision compulsory.  

£5 per rabbit 

Guinea pig Grooming 

Boris and Bailey welcome you with open arms to come give them a half hour pamper session. We will provide you with tailor made guinea pig brushes and some treats to give them throughout the session.

Adult supervision compulsory. 

1 child per guinea pig.   

£5 per Guinea pig

Tiny Tots

Saturday Mornings 10am-11am

Bring your tiny tots for  a morning of animal petting, animal crafts and farm yard fun.

Children will interact with the animals, then we will take to the undercover area for some arts and crafts. 

Adult supervision needed but a free cuppa for the supervising adult is on us! 

£5 per child

October Half term

Monday  30th October- The slime Factory special 'Zombie Brain with a bit of Crunch'


Tuesday 31st- Friday 3rd Kids club! ' Fferm Gelli

Bonfire night!

5th of Novermber 6pm

We are back with our low noise firework display!